2016-04-10 18:49:00 by sasukep117

Hay everyone who has and still been following me its been a while sciens I was on this but there has really been one change. I have a youtube channle and its Chaoz society go check it out


2015-07-16 00:03:33 by sasukep117

Hello everyone that has been my fan for so long now I know that I have been gone for some time so I would like to start of by making some changes here and there. Starting tomorow I will be poast new pic that I have and will take some suggestions from some of you, so if you want me to draw you some thing then all you have to do is comment on this poast and any furture poats I put and type in your email (yahoo or gmail) and what pic you want me to draw. So there you have it i'm back.




Ps: Forgot to tell follow me on twitter and I will read your comments every friday.